Monday, April 09, 2007

Warning - Rant Ahead

One quick rant before I close the books for today. If you are a pastor, please do not ever say that your church is doing something, or about to attempt to do something, that no other church has ever done. One thing that I have learned after a year of working with Leadership Network, is that there are churches that you have never heard of, doing things that you had no idea were possible. I am continually going, "Why has no one heard of you guys?" I also don't see the point of pointing out how much cooler or more clever your church is than everyone else's. Who are we trying to impress?

End rant. :)


Geoff said...

Very true. As a side note I wonder how many churches had an American Idol Top 10 contestant lead worship on Easter. My guess would be dozens.

jessi said...


dan ohlerking said...

geoff - awesome thought. hahahahaha. going where no church has EVER gone before.

chris - i love that you said what you did about there being so many churches out there that are doing totally amazing things that no one seems to ever have heard of. i totally believe that to be true - i know your experience with LN exposes you to so many more than i get to see myself, but if i see it in my comparatively smaller circle of exposures, you certainly have got a strong point there.

bottom line is that it just doesn't make sense to even compare one church to the next. just do your thing God's given you to do and leave the rest to Him.

nice rant.