Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thoughts From The Beach

Here are some random thoughts from the past few days:
  • Why do people like sand?
  • Being unconnected for a few days is actually ok.
  • I hear that the church survived without me today, and it was a great day at Seacoast. I don't know if there is any correlation there or not... :)
  • Some people are not meant to wear bikinis on the beach. Women or men.
  • I am losing my office this week. You might have to find me in a local coffee shop for awhile!
  • Craig Groeschel has a GREAT series of posts going on the art of preaching. I had just read this one, when we got a postcard from another local church advertising their new summer series, "Desperate Households." The timing made me chuckle...a bit.
  • This could be a pivotal week for us as a church. More details later...
  • I watched the footage on CNN of the memorial service for the fallen firefighters in Charleston. My heart grieved for those families. Those guys are true heroes. I was so proud to see Seacoast take a part in the service.
  • I did not get to go to church this morning, because we were on the road to get back to Greenville. It was strange seeing restaurants packed and church parking lots mostly empty. The times have changed - so must churches.
  • I am ready to go back to work!!!

Back From The Beach

We got back this evening from a much needed mini-vacation this past week. The grandparents had the girls for a week, so we met them in Florida to reclaim them. But, before we picked up the kiddies, Jenny and I spent a few days in Panama City. If you ever need a body part drawn on or pierced in any way, this is your place. We were able to land a sweet resort spot through They had four separate pools right on the edge of the bay, with a long pier to their own personal miniature beach. I've never been to a place where they give you robes to wear! :) Unfortunately, they also make you give them back. :(

I am usually not very good at just being still - anywhere, but that was basically all we did for 3 days. It was exactly what I needed right now. I have never been in a crazier or more stressful time in my life, and it was time to step off the path for a moment and just sit. My mind needed a break in a bad way. I didn't even open my computer while we were there. I didn't even know that was possible for me!

Anyway, I am back and I am sure the insanity will continue tomorrow at the office, but I feel rested and ready to watch God work it all out for His glory!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This post at MMI this morning brought up a thought that I have had lately: I would NEVER bring in a church consultant that is not currently serving in a local church somewhere. I know that church consultants have to obviously be gone a lot of Sundays, but when they are at home, they should be active in their local church. Otherwise, they are just blowing smoke.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Deep Thoughts

My life has been unbelievably crazy the last few weeks. I think I can see some margin coming, though. If it doesn't, I may be going to join Paris Hilton - soon! Here's the latest:

  • I have been in between assistants for the past couple of weeks. My last one went all celebrity on us! :) Our new assistant starts tomorrow - and I am very excited!!! Welcome to the team Cara!
  • I spent the past week at the coolest church that you have probably never heard of. I helped facilitate a Leadership Network Community at Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. Somebody asked me the other day if I though that video churches could grow very big. Until about a year ago, Heartland was showing video messages from Willowcreek 80-90% of the time. They are 9 years old and have over 6000 people coming on a weekend! They literally bought a 350,000 sq. ft. mall in the middle of Rockford, and turned it into one of the coolest church buildings that I have ever been in. 26,000 sq. ft. of it is just for production space. They have 90 50" plasmas around the building! 65,000 sq. ft. of the space is used just for storage and set building for their monthly kid's program. Yeah - I think this video thing just might work.
  • My wife and 2 little girls are camping with the grandparents in Texas this week. I HATE being in the house by myself for a week. I HATE camping even more. I'm just saying...
  • My brother Geoff was in Hawaii this week doing some consulting. He sucks. :)
  • I have been to Chicago twice in the past 3 months. I have been stranded overnight both times. I don't have good thoughts about Chicago right now...
  • Another local pastor chose to spend his summer sabbatical at Seacoast. I think that's very cool. I pray that we were able to be a blessing to him and his family.
  • Today was another phenomenal Sunday. God continues to bless beyond my understanding.
  • The iPhone drops in 2 1/2 weeks! Can anybody say - Father's Day?