Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Great Blog

I had a very cool lunch today with Perry Noble, the pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. If you have not checked out his blog, you need to. I have no idea how he has the time to pastor a mega-church, root for a mediocre football team (Clemson) :), and write incredible stuff every day...but he does. When I grow up, I want to be like Perry...except for the Clemson part. Hook 'em Horns!!!

CD Review

I just recently downloaded (legally :) ) the latest worship album by Lincoln Brewster - All To You...Live. It immediately became one of my all time favorites. This cd seriously rocks!!! Lincoln has always been an amazing guitar player, and has written some great songs...but he put it all together on this project. Every song is great - and several tracks have unbelievable, extended instrumental "jams". The sense that people really worshipped that night comes through the recording as well. Stop what your doing right now and get this cd. No...I mean it, start downloading people!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

All For The Kingdom

My brother Greg has a great post about doing ministry for the Kingdom, not the credit. Check it out.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

A.R.C. Conference

I am going down to Charleston tomorrow for a 3 day Association Of Related Churches conference at Seacoast. I am really looking forward to it, because it's always great to connect with church planters from around the country. Also, some of the best speakers in the nation are members of the ARC. Dino Rizzo may be the best communicator I have ever listened to!

Not very many people know that Seacoast Greenville is a member of the A.R.C., as well as a campus of Seacoast Church. The training and support that I received from guys like Chris Hodges, Rick Bezet, and Billy Hornsby was amazing. If you haven't checked out the A.R.C., I encourage you to take a look at the system they have for planting churches to reproduce planting churches. It's a vision that I strongly believe in and I am very proud that a portion of our budget will always go to starting new churches.