Sunday, November 06, 2005

A.R.C. Conference

I am going down to Charleston tomorrow for a 3 day Association Of Related Churches conference at Seacoast. I am really looking forward to it, because it's always great to connect with church planters from around the country. Also, some of the best speakers in the nation are members of the ARC. Dino Rizzo may be the best communicator I have ever listened to!

Not very many people know that Seacoast Greenville is a member of the A.R.C., as well as a campus of Seacoast Church. The training and support that I received from guys like Chris Hodges, Rick Bezet, and Billy Hornsby was amazing. If you haven't checked out the A.R.C., I encourage you to take a look at the system they have for planting churches to reproduce planting churches. It's a vision that I strongly believe in and I am very proud that a portion of our budget will always go to starting new churches.

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David Russell said...

Agreed. ARC is an excellent organization with phenomenally great leadership. The four guys you mentioned should be on everyone's radar all the time.