Sunday, June 24, 2007

Back From The Beach

We got back this evening from a much needed mini-vacation this past week. The grandparents had the girls for a week, so we met them in Florida to reclaim them. But, before we picked up the kiddies, Jenny and I spent a few days in Panama City. If you ever need a body part drawn on or pierced in any way, this is your place. We were able to land a sweet resort spot through They had four separate pools right on the edge of the bay, with a long pier to their own personal miniature beach. I've never been to a place where they give you robes to wear! :) Unfortunately, they also make you give them back. :(

I am usually not very good at just being still - anywhere, but that was basically all we did for 3 days. It was exactly what I needed right now. I have never been in a crazier or more stressful time in my life, and it was time to step off the path for a moment and just sit. My mind needed a break in a bad way. I didn't even open my computer while we were there. I didn't even know that was possible for me!

Anyway, I am back and I am sure the insanity will continue tomorrow at the office, but I feel rested and ready to watch God work it all out for His glory!

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