Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thoughts From The Beach

Here are some random thoughts from the past few days:
  • Why do people like sand?
  • Being unconnected for a few days is actually ok.
  • I hear that the church survived without me today, and it was a great day at Seacoast. I don't know if there is any correlation there or not... :)
  • Some people are not meant to wear bikinis on the beach. Women or men.
  • I am losing my office this week. You might have to find me in a local coffee shop for awhile!
  • Craig Groeschel has a GREAT series of posts going on the art of preaching. I had just read this one, when we got a postcard from another local church advertising their new summer series, "Desperate Households." The timing made me chuckle...a bit.
  • This could be a pivotal week for us as a church. More details later...
  • I watched the footage on CNN of the memorial service for the fallen firefighters in Charleston. My heart grieved for those families. Those guys are true heroes. I was so proud to see Seacoast take a part in the service.
  • I did not get to go to church this morning, because we were on the road to get back to Greenville. It was strange seeing restaurants packed and church parking lots mostly empty. The times have changed - so must churches.
  • I am ready to go back to work!!!

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