Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The AI Concert

We had a REALLY fun night tonight. We went out and caught my boy Chris Sligh and the other idols in concert at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville. Our seats were unbelievable - 5th row dead center! When we first got in the arena, we kept slowly walking towards the front thinking that we must have missed our row. I kept looking for security all night to usher us to our real seats. :)

After the show, we got to go back stage and hang out with Chris and the other idols for a little meet & greet. The girls got autographs from everyone except Lakeesha, who was not around. I have some thoughts about the concert, but I will save those for tomorrow. For now, here are a few pics of the excitement:

Pre-show amazement

Chris & Gina duet

The Idol boy band (not pictured: Phil & Chris R.)

Chris & the girls backstage

THE American Idol, Jordan

Hailey & the fam

Gina signing for Brianna

Melinda signing

Phil adding to the Idol book

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