Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random Thoughts From The Concert

Now that I have slept for a few hours, these are some thoughts that I had last night:
  • I am still amazed at the whole concept of the American Idol tour. Thousands of people pack out arenas to watch people sing other people's songs? Whatever - it works.
  • It was very surreal to see our worship leader, and my friend, singing on stage in front of 9000 screaming people.
  • Jordin & Melinda can saaang.
  • Phil Stacey had the pipes to pull off the win. I think his nerves on tv got to him. Watch his career very closely.
  • I can now see some of the appeal of Sanjaya. He is definitely interesting to watch. In a bizarre, freakish kind of way...but interesting.
  • Blake is a master showman. Not a great voice, but has major charisma. He was my 3 year old's favorite (besides Chris!)
  • The drummer rocked! I think he tours with Usher as well.
  • It was fascinating to see how each of the idols interact with people. A few standouts:
    • Jordin is unbelievably nice. She had the biggest crowd around her the whole time, and she even got down on the floor with my girls. Very cool.
    • Melinda is the real deal. Very, very humble and kind.
    • Gina was really cool as well. Very funny.
    • Chris R. surprised me a bit with how nice he was with the girls. He took the time to talk to them before signing their book. His sister was there and remembered us from Hollywood. She's traveling some with the tour.
    • Sanjaya smiles - a lot. Seemed like a nice kid though.
  • It was cool that a few of them included scripture references under their signature. Brianna got her Bible out as soon as we got home to look them up. They can be a witness in that profession.
  • We are going through a little bit of American Idol withdrawal right now. Last night was the final big event. It has been fun, but I am not losing another worship leader to American Idol! :)

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