Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've never done this on the blog before, but we could really use your prayers this week. There are a couple of decisions coming down the pipe that need God all over them. I can't go into details right now, but the next few days could be extremely important.



Bryan said...

Praying for you here in Havelock, NC, Chris. God bless you guys.

Dave Davis said...

Chris -- I have been praying for you since you began this journey and I will continue to do so.

River Pointe Church

Anonymous said...

Found this through Chris Sligh's blog.I am not a Christian,however if I lived in your state,I'd be sitting in your church today.Attended church as a child. Since then, have sampled different ones as an adult. None gave me comfort nor made me feel comfortable.
Your church and you sound like what I had been hoping existed. Somewhere. Good to know'church going' can be casual,supportive and relevant. Wishing you joy.

Chris Surratt said...

Hey Victoria - thanks for the comments about our church! It is a very special place. I would love to see if I could find a church near you that is like Seacoast. I have a lot of friends that have churches all over the nation. You can email me at


Anonymous said...

Chris, thank you for your quick response and generous offer. To search, you would actually have to extend across a border. Currently, I am living in Canada, on Vancouver Island. Victoria, British Columbia. A different country, on a seacoast.

Chris Surratt said...

Victoria - I will do my best to find one!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Chris,I would appreciate that. It would be an interesting path if I returned to a church that you recommended...coming from being the child of a mother who sang so beautifully that people left requests for her in the collection living without that spiritual finding Chris Sligh's blog because I love and follow consequently finding your blog and dropping you a line...and... My mother would be smiling. Victoria