Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cool Sunday

Last week, we had the most people ever on a Sunday. That was to be expected - it was Easter. Normally, the Sunday after Easter is one of the lowest of the year. Everyone gets their church in on Easter and need to rest up until Christmas. :)

That is why I was blown away today when we had more people than last Sunday! I've never seen that happen before. It felt a little like when we first launched the church. Tons of visitors - tons of visitor cards to follow up on. :) We ran out of chairs and bulletins in the second service. Sarah was running off more notes between services and we still didn't have enough! We also signed up a ton of new people for small groups. Great job Chris and Joey!

Our First Touch guy, Scott Derrick, is my hero for the past 2 weeks. For the second week in a row, the parking team had to park people out on the front lawn to handle the crowds between the services. Scott told me today that he wouldn't mind if it calmed down a bit next week!

The interview with Chris was a lot of fun. You never really know what Chris is going to say... which adds to the excitement. The Greenville News came out and took pictures of the first service. You can check those out here.

I can't wait for next week!


Cathy Storms said...

They say god works in mysterious ways...What a blessing that your church has increased its membership. Maybe thats why god sent Chris to Hollywood. Not that that's the only reason people came to your church but who knows. I say whatever it takes to lead someone to know Jesus. Congrats to you and congregation

jay hardwick said...

chris -

so pumped for you guys and the favor God has given you in our city! let's shake this place and make Jesus famous!


Mendy said...

Chris, David and I were so bummed we had to miss it - stupid drill weekends... Sounds like it was a neat time, and with all the extra visitors - wow!

bmorebamma said...

sounds like everyone had a great time. i wish i could come there but i live in another state , btw i have a commentary about the state of the world , with all that is goning on in this world today do you think that the human race has any kind of redeeming qualitys left cus iam really starting to wonder , why do we seem to have this need to inflick so much pain, hatered , and misery i know that only god has the answers to that one but i truley believe that he really needs to give us humans our reality check jmo.

Anonymous said...

Is there any online footage of your interview with Chris...or him singing?