Monday, April 23, 2007


Man - I really, really, really hate being sick. :(

Canceled my trip to the ARC conference. I think I made the right call.

Trust me - You do not want to know the details...


Morris said...

Hey Chris,

Total stranger here praying for you to get well. I found your "We Are Here" through WorshipIdeas yesterday. I downloaded the Finale lead sheet and am tweaking it to match the recording. I'm still working to figure out exact harmony vocals around the Em7 - Asus change at the end of the chorus. I'll introduce it to the team tonight and I hope to use it to begin our contemporary service this Sunday morning. We're just down the road toward Columbia from you.



Chris Surratt said...

Thanks so much Morris. I am finally starting to feel a little better.

I am so glad that you guys are going to us one of my songs. We had a hard time working out harmonies at that spot as well! Please let me know if I can help you guys with anything.

Robert Pooley said...

Hey Chris,
Sorry you missed the arc conference... it was one of the best... (The one at Seacoast rocked too) I am slowly but surely posting some of my notes on my blog.
Hope you are feeling better.