Monday, April 02, 2007

This Sunday Is Easter!

I am so pumped about this Sunday! I have this funny, little feeling that it is going to be HUGE. We are doing 3 services - 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30.
  • Our mailers dropped today and we are already getting phone calls about them.
  • It will be AWESOME to have this guy back with us. We missed him and you can read his thoughts about it here. (FYI - Chris is on almost every entertainment show this week - check your local listings:))
  • There are lime green shirts that say "Plans For Easter?" all over Greenville this week.
  • People took a ton of personal invites to invite their friends, family and neighbors.
I can not wait to feel the excitement of God doing something big on Sunday morning! That's better than the buzz from coffee in the morning any day... :)

For Seacoasters - we are pretty sure that it is going to be slammed for our 2 later services. If you could possibly attend the 8:30 service, that would help a lot. If you are bringing someone with you, please come to the best service for you. Here we go!!!

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Sanjaya said...

Please pray for Sanjaya this Sunday, Pastor!