Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

We had an awesome Good Friday service tonight. We opened it up a little more this year and added a labyrinth walk through the last moments of Jesus' life. One of our artists painted paintings for each station. At each stop there was a painting, a physical reminder (thorns, spikes, a stone...), and a scripture with an instruction to help initiate a prayer. We lit the path to each station with candles on the floor. It looked really, really cool.

We also hung 25 miniature lanterns with tea lights in them over the audience. They looked really great with the lighting kept very low.

Mitch painted a painting of Christ being crucified during the service. I think it's one of his best, and it was very moving to watch as we listened to the story retold straight from John 18 & 19. Lee did a great job leading worship as well.

We had two crosses set-up for people to go and meditate on scripture, and then nail their prayers of forgiveness or thankfulness to. It is always chilling to listen to the hammers hit the nails.

This is definitely the most moving service that we do all year. I think that we need to spend some time every year remembering why we are able to celebrate on Easter Sunday. Without the cross, there would not be a resurrection.


Bryan said...

Sounds like an awesome service, Chris! I linked to this post in my blog, hope that's cool. God bless, keep up the great work!

bmorebamma said...

yea i WISH i could go to my home church, but workin 2 jobs make it kinda tuff (even though that's NOT a valid's good to know that easter's NOT ABOUT THE EASTER BUNNY etc. etc .