Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Thoughts

I am so tired right now that about all I can say about today is - wow. God blew our doors off in a big way this morning. We had the most people ever...a LOT more people...but that is only part of an amazing Easter Sunday:
  • It was unbelievable to watch Chris Sligh use his enormous talent to lead people in worshiping a risen Savior. God is going to use him to do HUGE things in His Kingdom.
  • Several people gave their lives to Christ today and symbolized it by lighting a candle. That is what it is all about.
  • I was blown away again by our volunteers and staff at Seacoast. They went way above the call of duty today. Especially Scott Derrick, who kept everything running smoothly through all of the chaos. I still have no idea where they parked all of those cars!
  • 3 services in one morning is a lot of work!
  • The worship was awesome. You could feel the energy building during the entire morning. Every service was the same. Chris, Kim & Lee had the Spirit all over them!
  • Mitch & Rebecca did it again with the set. I am not sure when Mitch sleeps...:)
  • Sarah was at the church at 1:00am this morning getting rooms ready for the kids. That was after being there all day with us getting everything else ready! I only found out about this because Mitch was still working on the set at 1 this morning. You guys need some sleep!
  • I am now hiding with my family in an undisclosed hotel somewhere in America. It's time to unplug until Tuesday!
There are so many people that stepped up in a big way these past 2 weeks. I am so stinkin' proud of our church right now. Seacoasters - you are making a difference...let's charge hell with water pistols!!!

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steve-o-meter said...

LOL charging hell with water pistols made me laugh!!

Sounds like a great day :-)