Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Weekend That Was

It's Sunday night, and I am currently in my weekend de-compress mode. I actually can't believe that it's almost over. It started at 8am on Saturday with our church grounds work day - where we did so many things that are way out of my gifting! I did find a fit with scooping mulch into a wheel barrel. At least I couldn't injure someone else doing that (I am a musician!).

We followed that with a small group leaders turbo training at 11. What an incredible group of leaders we have! Mac Lake and Josh Surratt were very cool to drive all the way up from Charleston to lead that for us.

I then headed immediately from that to take my two girls to the VeggieTales Rockin' Tour Live at the Bi-Lo Center. It was people in costumes lip-syncing to quasi-rock songs. Not much unlike a N'Sync concert. It was; however, worth seeing my 2 year old scream "Bob!" at the top of her lungs for 2 hours.

We then had a great service this morning. Music was rockin' and the place was full. I was reminded of how much fun doing church can be! After service, we went right into a rehearsal for our Nick-At-Night VBS starting this Tuesday. I finally got home this afternoon in time to earnesty try and watch Tiger Woods make a major comeback in the golf tournament - only to immediately fall asleep.

It was a great weekend, but I'm glad it's over. Tomorrow we get to start it all again... :)


John said...

The music WAS rockin today. I thought you were going to leap over your keyboard at one point! I thought about taking a running fit around the church. But then...I didn't. You're welcome.

Geoff said...

Sounds like a great weekend, wish I could have been there. I can relate to the sleep thing, I fell asleep with Tiger down by 10 strokes and VJ cruising, when I woke up Tiger had apparently eagled a par 4 (what???) and was in contention.

Why don't they finish tournaments on Monday mornings?

Congratulations on the weekend, sounds like things are rockin'