Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good Night

We just finished the second night of our Nick-At-Night program for kids. We also had our 1st Wednesday service at the same time. I was a little more involved in the 1st Wednesday service (I lead the worship), so that is mostly what I experienced. Wow. God took over tonight and did His thing. I just tried to get out of the way. The kids then came in after our service and finished their night in the auditorium. It was so cool to see my 6 year old on the stage helping lead the worship for the kids. Young and old, worship for a living Savior was brought tonight.

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J. Scott said...

This was the best service YET at Seacoast Greenville! The Holy Spirit was FLOWING in the auditorium tonight!! WOW! Praise God! You could still feel it when the kids came in, too...God is really working miracles in Greenville!