Sunday, August 07, 2005

On My Mind

I have been inspired by a few other bloggers to share what is on my mind right now. I realize that this is not a place that a lot of you would like to go. Please indulge me on this one:

1. What a cool church we have. I absolutely love showing up on Sunday mornings! Our Dream Team inspires me every week.

2. How did Ty make it into the bottom 3 on Rock Star INXS last week?

3. I can't believe that we are almost to a year of Seacoast Greenville. What an incredible ride this has been!

4. What is it that Taco Casa puts in their food that makes me keep going back?

5. I absolutely love it when my 2 year old girl says "Daddy, pweaze?".

6. What one cool thing can we do this week to reach more lost people on Sundays?

7. How can I love the game of golf so much, when it obviously hates me?

8. I really don't deserve anything that I have. What an incredible God that we have!

9. The local church is the hope of the world.

10. I can't wait to eat lunch at Taco Casa tomorrow.


Greg said...

You are one sick puppy!

Gary Lamb said...

Man, they moved the Monday night show of Rock Star to VH1. That stinks as I don't get VH1. Oh, well, at least I have Tuesday and Wednesday.

J. Scott said...

If I had a blog, many of my comments, too, would be singing the praises of Taco Casa. I am sad when I don't get to eat there. I am very happy when I do. I think they put a little touch of HAPPINESS in every little morsel, and THAT is what keeps us coming back! And remember...the lunch special is STILL only $3.20, which is the best bargain in town! Mmmmm...I need an empanada NOW! Thank you, Chris!

Girl said...

Hi Chris,

I ran across your blog the other day through a reference from someone elses blog. I have responded to her responce on my own site. If you are interested in reading it, you can find it here: