Monday, August 08, 2005

Live What You Preach

We are in a series at church right now called Ten Simple Rules. We are going through the ten commandments each week and looking at how they apply to our lives today. Sunday was the eighth commandment "Thou shall not steal", so I spoke on the different ways that we steal and how hurt and violated we feel when someone has stolen from us.

Today I found out that someone stole my church credit card number last week, and for the last 4 days has been having an early Christmas on my account. This is not exactly how I expected to practice what I preach. Next week I will be speaking on how God wants to bless us with unexpected gifts of oatmeal cookies. We'll see what happens.

1 comment:

José A. Noy said...

Hey man, this is what I would do,

I will go back next sunday and say, I think not everyone got the stealing message deal so I am going to preach it until the credit card comes back!!!!!

I hope you had Capitol One!!

Whats in yo wallet!!!