Friday, July 22, 2005

They Say It's Your Birthday

Today was my birthday (please, no gifts...ok, if you insist...), and every year farther north of 30, I seem to get a little more nostalgic in my thinking on my birthdays. Tonight, we dug out some old videos to show the girls and have a good laugh at how goofy mommy and daddy were - well, mostly daddy.

It was amazing the feelings that came up as we watched those videos. It was like I was transferred in my mind to that exact moment in my life. As we watched our high-school graduation video, the same insecurities that I had as a teenager were right in my face again. How could that loser be leading a church - or anything beyond a basket of fries for that matter?

Other videos took me to where I was in my walk with Christ at that time, and I wanted to crawl through the screen to knock some sense into that idiot. How much closer could I be to God now, if I could have just seen beyond myself then?

The experience certainly showed me that God doesn't give up. I would have. I have to remember that God sees what we can become - not where we are now. He's just waiting for us to realize what He is capable of doing.

It took me way too long.


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Chris! I really like your blog. I just don't post on it. But I'm reading. Mac, being a great influencer of his staff, has gotten me addicted. Jessica

Mac Lake said...

HAPPY B-DAY. Hey I think your great at what you do. Starting a video venue 200 miles from a main campus and having it grow like it has is cutting edge leadership! Keep up the good work. I don't want to hear any rumors about you applying as a contestant on INXS!!
See you next weekend.

Chris Surratt said...

Thanks Mac for the kind words and the shoutout in your message on Saturday. Although INXS is very tempting, I think I'll keep doing rock-n-roll worship!

J. Scott said...

I wish I had been in town to wish you Happy Birthday...I'll take you to Taco Casa one day and treat!! Well, then, belatedly: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Kim Harris said...

Hey Chris, Happy Belated Birthday. During the service Sunday when it was announced at the beginning of the sermon, I rememered your birthday last year! I was very pregnant on your back deck watching you grill chicken.....I can hardly believe it's been almost a year since we left Greenville. We do think and pray for the campus and still wonder why in the world we had to leave (besides the fact we needed a paycheck!) Anyway, glad to have stumbled upon this blog - Happy B/Day! Kim and Wade