Friday, July 29, 2005

Fall Is Coming

One of the reasons that I have not had much time to post lately, is that we are working on so many exciting things for the church in the fall. My STRESS level is at defcom 5 right now! I thought summer was the season that you chill out a bit. I guess if you don't plan for the fall it is. Here are just a few of the things that we are working on right now:

1. 1 year anniversary service outside - August 21st. Outdoor events scare me to death, and I really think that this could be a great Big Ask event for us.

2. Our first "VBS", called Nick-At-Night, next week. I have never been a part of one of these. I think it could be really cool though.

3. Dream Team dinner the end of August. We have a group of amazing volunteers that have caught the vision and do incredible things every weekend.

4. Going to two services on September 11. Oops - did I let that out? Please don't tell anyone yet!

5. 40 Days Of Community starting the end of September. I cannot wait for this to start! We are already in full gear with the planning.

It's going to be an exciting fall at Seacoast Greenville - if I can survive to see it!

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