Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Idol or INXS?

After watching Rock Star INXS last night, I have decided to do a top ten list of why Rock Star is a much better show than American Idol:

1. Actual Talent - I may be a little biased towards rock-n-roll, but these guys and girls can actually perform.

2. Better House Band - These guys rock!

3. Better Host - This host doesn't pretend that the show is about her.

4. No Obnoxious Judges - It's so nice to hear qualified comments from the band - not cheap shots for ratings.

5. No Cheesy Themes - So far they have picked great songs for them to perform. I can only pray that there will not be a disco night!

6. Better Elimination System - What a concept - let the qualified people make the final call!

7. More Background Info - It's great to see the contestants rehearse and work out the songs. You can see the hard work that goes into the performances.

8. No Paula Abdul - No explanation needed.

9. They Can Play Instruments! - The one thing that I really liked about Nashville Star.

10. No William Hung - They took 15 great performers and put them on the stage. That's all we need.


Rick said...

i'm right there with you if you take away dave navarro - feather boas ruin the experience for me. otherwise, i'm right with you.

Gary Lamb said...

My favorite show right now. Hands down the best show on TV.

sarge said...

I'm loving INXS: Rockstar. My money is on JD. The House Band rocks too.

Gary Lamb said...

JD is awesome but he dropped the ball bashing the other guys and girls. I just read the ratings are horrible.

Chris Surratt said...

I couldn't believe it when JD blew himself up. Not cool. My money's on Brandon now. He seems to fit the band.

Gary Lamb said...

It will be Mig or Marty I truly believe now.

Chris Surratt said...

I think you're right on Marty. This week pushed him ahead. Ty's still in there though.

John said...

Who is INXS?

American Idol Fan said...

Rock on Clay Aiken!!