Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

  • Not that I ever considered it, but...really glad that we did not cancel church today. We filled up 2 services with people that didn't seem to mind the cold!
  • I don't think I saw single piece of ice on the road this morning.
  • We kicked off our winter small groups this morning. 19 groups! Every group made cookies to entice/bribe people into their group. Hey, whatever it takes!
  • The band was laying down some serious rock today! I had someone ask me after church if the guys in the band came out of our church. Yes, they did. I love that the people on the stage believe in the mission of the church. And they seriously rock my face off every Sunday!
  • I'm rooting hard for the Packs to make the Superbowl. That would at least make it an interesting game.
  • Jenny's birthday is Tuesday, and she has asked me and the girls to make her cake. I told her that it will not probably be edible, but we'll give it a shot!

1 comment:

bryan said...

cookies work for me every single time