Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christian Radio

One thing that I will never get is: churches that advertise on Christian radio. Who are you going after?!? I have yet to meet a seeker who's first step was to turn on some Christian rock. Just a thought...

On a positive note, Greenville has a great new Christian radio station at 96.7. I think it was formerly The Buzzard? I am not a huge Christian radio fan, but these guys are playing some good music (Switchfoot, Lifehouse, Reliant K...). Check 'em out if you're in your car today.

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Robbie Funderbuk said...

Hey man, i was totally of the same mindset until I looked at the life of Andrew. The only account that we have of him bringing anyone to Christ was when he brought his brother Peter. That one invite led to Peter coming to Christ then Peter led a few thousand to Christ. My new outlook is you never know who may be a believer seeking a new way to worship, then they feel like inviting their lost friends to what they have found. Just a thought.
BTW - I was doing a google search trying to find that new radio station to try and do some advertising with them. LOL

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