Sunday, January 06, 2008


  • The energy in the room today was amazing at both services. It feels great to back to the normal schedule!
  • Our special guest this weekend was Jim Caviezel, the guy who was Jesus in The Passion Of The Christ. This guy is the real deal. He doesn't hide from his convictions and faith.
  • It takes a big man to take a part that will absolutely kill your career in Hollywood, and count it as gain for the cause of Christ. Wow.
  • Great, great crowd today, and most of the college students come back next Sunday!
  • We are going to spend the next year in the book of Luke. I love that we are going to dig in like that.
  • We got a Wii for Christmas. My 4 year old slaughters me in bowling. She now wants to be a professional bowler when she grows up. I think that she has a real chance.
  • I can't stop playing the Wii.
  • No seriously, I am playing tennis with one hand while typing with the other.
  • We're going to lay out the vision for Seacoast this Sunday. My favorite Sunday of the year.
  • Jim Caviezel is tall. Or maybe my brother Greg is really short...
  • Love the holidays, but I am glad they are over. Christmas tree is still up though. My daughter thinks that we should leave it up and just change the decorations for the different holidays...hearts for Valentine's day, flags on July 4th, overdue books for National Library Week...I like it.
  • I have a need, a need for more Wii.


Rick said...

Pause a game, go to the internet, check game codes, back to the game, go blog, make a Mii - all on one wi-fi game system. We love our Wii, too.

Mendy said...

The service was awesome! I loved hearing Jim's perspective on the movie, and of course his cracks at Mel Gibson were funny.

David and I, too were thinking that Jim was tall - then thought - Well, Greg is probably more short than Jim tall. :-)