Sunday, February 03, 2008


15 - that is how many people we baptized this morning at Seacoast Greenville.
2 - that's how many people were signed up to be baptized.

I really don't have any words for what we experienced this morning. After a great message on why you should be baptized, we opened it up during our response time for anyone who wanted to take that extra step of faith.
We did not have any idea of what to expect.
We thought we were ready with plenty of clothes and towels...we were not.
The last few people had to wear recycled shorts and use already wet towels.
We were still baptizing people after the second service was over.
The sight and sound of people worshiping and cheering at the same time was overwhelming.
I cried - a lot.


Geoff said...

That is very cool! Congratulations.

bryan said...

Sounds like an awesome service!

jay hardwick said...

awesome stuff, chris!

you should write more than once a month! :-)

Duck Hunter said...

Amazing! I love hearing things like this. Certainly GOD is present and doing great things in YOU and your church.