Sunday, December 18, 2005

God Showed Up

Have you ever had one of those amazing days that you did not expect at all? We had one today. If you've been following this blog, you knew that this has not been a great week for the Upstate of South Carolina. We were absolutely wiped out by an ice storm that hit late Wednesday night. Half of Greenville still does not have power and they are not guaranteeing it until later this week. It looks like a hurricane blew through this town and took half of the trees with it. Accumulation of ice is an amazing thing.

We did not have power at the church until late Friday, and I was not sure if anyone would want to come to church after all of that - and I really knew that people would not want to come early to volunteer. When we gathered early for prayer for before the first service, I looked around the circle and there were at least 30 people standing there with smiles - ready to serve! Some of them had not had power at their house for 3 days and were living with relatives or out of hotels. What an incredible team!

And then God showed up in a BIG way. Greg's message was anointed and the best I have heard him. Anyone who ever thinks that Seacoast may not preach the Word, needs to listen to this message. After that, we had an incredible time of worship and prayer where people literally pinned their sins/requests/fears - to the cross. Amazing.

God always seems that much more powerful after a storm, and we experienced that today.

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