Sunday, December 11, 2005

Catching Up

Ok, I haven't blogged in awhile - so I have several things to get out into the blogosphere. Here goes in no particular order:

I bought a Windows PC for the house at the 5am Black Friday after Thanksgiving. I am a musician, so I wasn't really aware that there were two 5:00's in a day, but apparently there is. There aren't very many nice people out at that first 5:00 - but that's beside the point. I bought a PC. I wrestled with the desicion for several weeks. We haven't had a working computer in our house for a few months, and I thought that getting a pc would be the best thing for the whole family - because of my daughter's games, ect. Man - am I regretting that decision! Maybe I've been Mac too long, but I have already experienced all of the "joys" of Windows. Crashes, virus software for the virus goes on and on. Please take me back Steve!!!

Last night, I checked out one of our worship leaders, Chris Sligh and his band Half Past Forever, at a concert in downtown Greenville. Those guys seriously rocked!!! Chris had eaten some bad Mexican food the night before, so he looked a little putrude all night (it may have been the green light on him as well), but they still put on a great set. Chris has an amazing voice and writes great songs. You can buy one of Chris' cds at our bookstore next Sunday.

We decorated our auditorium for Christmas a couple of weeks ago and it looks very cool! The best part was - I had very little to none participation in the design. We have some very talented people in our church who know how to do that kind of thing. I just showed up with a ladder and put things where they told me! That was the best thing for all. I will try to post some pictures here or at the Greenville blog.

40 Days of Community was a very cool thing for us. We ended up with over 80% of our adults in small groups! I can't wait for the next small group semester to get kicked off in January. We have some great new groups that are going to be starting up. Also, I'm very excited about our new online learning experience. More about that later!

The uproar about churches not having Christmas services on Christmas Day is getting almost ridiculously funny. My brother Greg has a great post on it here.

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that the spell check on my blog does not recognize the word "blog"?

I spoke 3 times this week - twice this morning + a child dedication. That's about all I have in me...

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