Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I am a very impatient person. I can't stand to wait on something. If a thought or an idea hits my brain, I want to do it right then. You are more likely to get something scheduled with me if it can happen in the next day or so. Better yet - that afternoon. I can't even think more than two weeks out.

There's is something going on right now that is causing me much, much anguish. God has to be building patience in me...right?!?


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Forgot, in the fasinating self involvement of my story, that I was on your blog and that you had requested prayers. I honour that and lift them up, rusty as my prayer skills are.
Reading these last few posts and immediatly 'Everything's Alright 'from Jesus Christ Superstar comes to mind. Do you know it? I've used that song to self sooth in moments of high stress.Just repeating Everthing's Alright helps immensely.Cheers, Victoria

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
Hope stuff has resolved somewhat for you, and you are at peace. Any luck on hearing about a Seacoast like place way up in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Victoria, British Columbia to be exact.Thanks, Victoria

Chris Surratt said...

Thanks Victoria - it is starting to settle a bit. I am working on finding you a church. I should have something in the next few days.

Chris Surratt said...

OK Victoria - hopefully you read this. I think I may have found a church in your area. Try www.gtonline.org and check out their Sunday night service "The Gathering". Please let me know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
That is Glad Tidings. Have actually JUST met a couple who attend there. Thank you so much for your efforts. I am training around the province currently until mid June. Will attend on my return and write you. All good wishes to you, that life unfolds in joyous and surprising ways. Regards, Victoria

Morris said...


When our now 16-year-old was a toddler he was an extraordinarily difficult child. One Sunday I was trying to manage him while also trying having a conversation with a just-finished-college, single-guy who seemed to have everything all together spiritually, emotionally, etc. Apologizing for my difficulty staying in the conversation, I made a brief statement about our difficulties, to which he responded, "Maybe he is the chisel God is using to shape you into the image of Christ."

I almost punched him.