Monday, February 12, 2007

What A Week

Wow - the last 8 days are just kind of a blur right now. It has been amazing and exhausting at the same time!

Last Sunday - I promised a big surprise for Seacoast Greenville, and I think I delivered! We hid Greg in the green room until it was time for the message - and when he stepped on the stage -the place went nuts! It was very cool to have him come up and be with us. He even tagged team with me for our Newcomer's Reception. Kinda cool to have the guy who started it all - tell the story of Seacoast. Oh yeah - we also had the most people ever on a Sunday!

After Newcomers, Greg and I got on plane and flew out to San Diego for the 3rd Coast-to-Coast Multi-Site Conference. Yes, I missed the Super Bowl. :( The things you do for ministry... There were over 700 leaders from 200+ churches exploring this new thing called multi-site. I was lucky enough to teach at 2 breakouts with Jason and Shawn. The coolest part, however, was seeing Mark Driscoll in person. The guy is a gifted communicator. A lot shorter than I imagined though. :)

Tuesday night - I caught the red-eye back to Greenville so I could be back in time for our First Wednesday service. There's nothing like getting up to teach on 2 hours of sleep! I hope it made sense to somebody... The biggest reason I wanted to be back though, was the chance to baptize 4 people during the service. That is definitely worth anything else I have to do!

Sunday - Had an awesome day all day yesterday. Worship was amazing at all 3 services, and there were as many people there as last Sunday! God is definitely doing something in our church right now. I'm just holding on loosely!

Tonight - had a great small group at our house, and 24 was 2 hours - woo hoo!!!

Now you can see why it's been blur. Also, this week could be more interesting than last. Keep your eyes on the paper and the tv. That's all I'm going to say about that!

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