Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fox Morning Show

I will be on the Fox Tennessee (Nashville) morning show tomorrow, so if you live in Titan's country, make sure you tune in and let me know what you think. By the way - I'm a HUGE Titan's/Jeff Fisher fan! :)

I had a blast on the show this morning! Charlie Chase and Kellie Sutton at Fox 17 were very nice and asked great questions. I checked their website for the video to link to, but it looks like they do not post them. Sorry - you'll just have to imagine how great it is to talk to me. :)

Imagine no longer, kids - Curt Miller from Tennessee Mornings was kind enough to post it on YouTube. Click here to see it.


steve-o-meter said...

Hey there! If they put the footage on the net, do you think you could take a moment and forward the link to me for the fansite?


dan ohlerking said...

go titans. i got to go to a pre-season titans game last season - sat in the box with kevin mawae's family.

way cool setup there. got to meet vince young. walked out on the field. love the stadium. love the way the team's looking. gotta try to make a game this coming season.

wanna go?

Chris Surratt said...

Dan - YES, I want to go. Texas is also my college team - Vince is the man!

steve-o-meter said...

awwww that's too bad about the interview not being on the net!

Thank you for looking into it though :-)

steve-o-meter said...

I'm wondering if you'd like to do an interview with the fansite about your church and about Chris.

You can see a previous interview we did with Half Past Forever here:

So you can get a feel of how the interview will go.

Please let me know if you are willing to do it! We'd really appreciate it!!

Curt Miller said...

Hey, this is Curt from Tennessee Mornings .. I'm gonna get a YouTube version of our interview with Chris Surratt for everyone to enjoy! Just give me a couple days. Thanks!

Geoff said...

I'm imagining talking to you right now.

Curt Miller said...

Okay everyone .. here's the YouTube link to Chris's Tennessee Mornings interview!

Mendy said...

Chris, Great interview! Because of Chris S, you've become a local celebrity. I actually voted this week for the first time since AI aired. David & I are wishing him and Sarah the best of luck. See ya at Church tomorrow! Mendy