Monday, May 22, 2006

Multi-Site Revolution

My brother, Geoff Surratt, and two of the guys that I work with at Leadership Network: Greg Ligon and Warren Bird, just came out with the book The Multi-Site Revolution - a very timely breakdown on how the method for spreading the Gospel is being changed dramatically all over the nation. By taking a close look at several churches that are the pioneers in going multi-site, they are able to show the mistakes and successes that have happened along the way. In fact, Seacoast Greenville is featured for how not to do something. You have to read the book to find out what that was! :) I HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy if you are thinking about going multi-site, want to find out more about the concept, or if you like the color red.

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Teresa Pratt said...

My family & I visited Seacoast Greenville on June 25th & we were blessed. I have just finished reading "The Multi-site Church Revolution" & loved it. Our Lead Team & staff are all reading it. Appreciate your honesty & definitely the humor! Very practical. Our church is looking to establish our 2nd site in Feb 2007 in Illinois. Thanks for sharing the ups & downs of multi-site! Looking forward to the ride!