Monday, May 22, 2006

Driscoll Book Review

I just finished my pre-release copy of Mark Driscoll's new book: Confessions of a Reformission Rev.: Hard Lessons from an Emerging Missional Church.
The first thought that I have: WOW! I finished it in 2 days because I could not put it down. I have been a fan of Mars Hill Church for quite awhile from afar. I love their approach to doing church missionaly. Driscoll is one of one of my favorite communicators out there, and I believe a prophetic voice for this generation.

I have to say that the book did not disappoint. He is VERY honest and does not sugar coat anything about their experience of starting a church in one of the most un-churched areas in America. I love his sarcasm and saying what most pastors only think. I know they think it, because I do! I believe that every pastor who is considering planting a church should read this book. Church planting is hard, especially when you do it in Seattle, but the fruit is eternal.

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