Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Catch Up

OK, I know that it's been awhile, but don't be playa' hatin'!! Here are some quick hits of what's going on in my little world:

  • It was a fun Sunday with a lot of the college students back! There's definitely more energy in the room with those guys. Love ya NGU!!! Can't wait for Furman in a few weeks.
  • Had lunch on Tuesday with the South Carolina District Superintendent of the Assembly Of God, Steve Brown. I grew up in the Assembly Of God, but have been out of it for 14 years. I really liked him...especially since he picked up the check! :)
  • I am tired of thinking about buildings!!! I am ready to get back to thinking about ANYTHING but buildings.
  • The public charter school that now controls the building that we are in (that's another VERY long post), started on Monday. We now have to remove anything that remotely looks religious from the auditorium every Sunday. At least we don't have to tear down everything! :)
  • Our auditorium in now the gym class during the week. :(
  • The church that owns our building (again...another long post...) took about 100 auditorium chairs to sell in a yard sale. This will probably be a major problem for us in a couple of weeks. We may start BYOC services soon!
  • Chris posted some new tunes on his myspace. Check 'em out...
  • I can't wait for our 3 year anniversary on September 9th! God has done SO much in our church over the past year. We're putting it together now, and there will be some surprises... :)
  • Don't look now, but here come my Cardinals! 2 1/2 back baby!!!
  • It can not be football season when it's 101 degrees outside. It just can't...

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