Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Terry's Back!

I am very excited that the best blogger in the bid'ness, Terry Storch, is back in the game! Terry's blog was the first blog I ever read and the cyber world was not the same without it. He's also a really nice guy. I left his link up on my blog for months hoping he would come back, and finally gave up a few weeks ago. I am adding it back - but only in pencil for awhile. :)


Terry Storch said...

Thanks Chris....

It feels good to be back in the blog world!

The problem is, I will NEVER live up to the hype... :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor,

Thanks so much for the info about Whoever it is, it seems like a nice, and sometimes funny tribute to him. Lately the blog has been about Chris' wife and his love of the Savior.

Best always,