Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's Not Over

A few people, ok - a few hundred people :), have asked me today what I thought about the results last night on AI. Unless you've sworn off any kind of technology, you know that Chris Sligh was not voted to stay on the show (that's really what happens - they're not voted off...).

Here are my thoughts: I am actually quite relieved. I do feel that Chris definitely deserved to stay on longer than he did. However, it is hard to watch your friend get thrashed on national tv. I do not think that he deserved the harshness that he got Tuesday night. I have watched it back a few times, and he was only off slightly on one section. They kind of set him up with Gwen's comments and it was downhill from there. He didn't have a chance. I am very proud of what Chris was able to accomplish - 10th out of over 100,000, and how he handled himself in the public eye. And yes, Gary, it will be good to have our guy back in G'ville for a few weeks!

The best part...Chris can now speak for himself! :) Check out his blog here, and catch him on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. You can also order his band's cd here.

I have some very cool stuff about Easter coming up. Stay tuned...


SanjayHA said...

I blame Sanjaya's popularity, who took over the Secret Blog of Chris Sligh and now promotes himself in weird ways.

Take care, Pastor.

bmorebamma said...

i agree , too bad i told me coworkers that he was the one that i like, bo bice is another fave of mine. now i have 2 faves