Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We're Back

We made it back from vacation and I feel like I need a vacation! Someday we'll take a relaxing trip...someday. We actually had a blast!!! I thought I would share some of the highlights for those of you who care about such things. Keep in mind that we live in Greenville, SC. We don't have a lot of tall buildings or celebrities just hanging out. We were enamored by both...

This was taken just before I jumped the fence...not a good idea:)

Outside of Ebenezers Coffeehouse in D.C. - very cool place

Taken after hiking up to the Washington monument...only to find out it was closed:(

Finally in New York! (notice the pub I'm giving the A.R.C.)

On a five story ferris-wheel - INSIDE of Toys-R-Us!!!

We ate lunch at THE Hello Deli. Rupert G. actually took our order!

Woke up early to catch the Today Show. Right after this was taken, I shook hands with Matt Lauer. Have not washed it since.

On our last night in New York, we decided to take a carriage ride through Central Park. It monsooned the entire time! This was us making the best of it.

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