Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Surratt Summer Tour

The fam and I have embarked on a much, much needed vacation. We're doing a mini-tour of the northeast, starting with D.C. and ending up in New York for a few days. I have never been to New York (at least a time that I can remember), so I am pretty stoked about checking it out. I'm also excited about visiting The Journey Church in Manhattan on Sunday. A few of their guys were at our Multi-Site Conference in Charleston, and I really dig what they are doing. It's always great to get away and see what God is doing somewhere else. I almost always come back inspired and ready to steal...I mean adapt a few ideas. :)

Today, we did the D.C. tourist thing. I am not sure who decided to do this in the middle of July (that would be me), but did you know it's really HOT in this town?!? At one point, we thought were going to melt into the Washington Monument. Definitely the highlight of the day though, was dropping on Mark Batterson and his staff at their coffeehouse/offices - Ebeneezers. What an amazing place! Literally a half-block from Union Station, they have one of the sweetest coffeehouses I have ever been in. Mark even took time out from his meetings to give us a tour. D.C. should absolutely add Ebeneezers to the official tour map!

Next stop - NY!!!


Piper121 said...

I am so glad you liked NCC! It is a great place to grow spiritualy and worship the lord!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!