Saturday, March 11, 2006

Church Sale

I attended a sale today where a church that started 2 weeks after we did, five miles from our current location, was selling all of their equipment after shutting down a few weeks ago. It was a really tough thing to be a part of. As I looked at their children's stuff, I thought about all of the exciting dreams that we had when we were purchasing and making some of the same exact things for our launch. I am sure that they had the same dreams. The people that had put in the time and sweat were now watching it all drive away in trucks and cars. I don't heart hurts for the Kingdom when a net is taken out of the water. That's why we have to keep casting, keep dreaming, keep planting.

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Gered Lambert said...

Don't fret. We didn't lose their nets. We just moved them to different boats!

But I understand what you're feeling. I'm also glad to see your compassion for what they're going through.

Maybe you'll be able to encourage them to keep the vision and seek another boat to cast their nets!