Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blogging Fun

I am very excited to be jumping into this new thing the kids call "blogging". Being a new church planter, I spend a lot of my days alone in the office - praying that someone will call me. I don't care why. Pray for them, answer questions about the church, sell me enviornmentally safe shower heads - it doesn't matter! I just need some human interaction occasionally. Thus, I have many pent-up thoughts and ramblings that need to be released somewhere. Why not cyberspace? It seems so much warmer now that people are sharing through their blogs. So, I will be throwing out my random thoughts occasionally, and I would love to get your feedback as we go. I feel so much more hip now!

1 comment:

Gary Lamb said...

I'm enjoying the blog. We need to hook up one day somewhere around Anderson and do lunch.