Sunday, April 13, 2008


This weekend was very tiring, but a lot of fun. We kicked off our new series Reflect by putting a stage out into the audience with chairs wrapped around the sides. Mitch and Rebecca once again did an amazing job with the stage set. They customized the entire set to go around and under the new stage. It really looked cool. We had plasmas on each side as well as the large screen on the stage. Here are a few pictures from this morning. You can't really see the stage, but I will try to get some shots next week.


emilea said...

i really, really liked seacoast in the round. the breaking a breaker was an interesting detail, but it all worked out. it was personal, and i always like it when you guys do acoustic versions of worship songs. i love it when the full band is there, of course, but there is just something really special when it's just voices, a couple cymbals, and an acoustic guitar.

thanks for a great sunday,

tracy said...

we are blessed to have talent both in our pastor and those who support his ideas with their creativity - Mitch and Rebecca lead an awesome crew who nail the stage design every time!