Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Idol Recap

For those of you who are dropping in on this blog because of a google search for Chris Sligh, feel free to stick around and check things out! :)

Chris was indeed featured tonight on the Birmingham edition of American Idol. What you saw on the show is who Chris is - a very funny guy with an amazing voice. I am so proud of him and I am very excited to see what God has for his future. The world is finding out what we've known at Seacoast Greenville for the past 2 years. :)

Rock on Chris!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris... I'll make the correction... Seacoast Greenville... My bad. i should have known that someone that talented would come from the younger (and musically gifted) Surratt! Matt Fry

Tiff said...

I just had to comment! Loved Chris' singing and humor. I hope to see him go far this year!
Tiffany Fitch
Jackson, MS

C.K. said...

I was very surprised when I saw someone I had been wondering about on American Idol. I was in a chinese restaurant over at Cherrydale, when I overheard a young man talking about the music in his church. He was talking about how some people in the church had mentioned changing things to appeal to more people and that one person had even mentioned the way things were done at Springwell. His response was "I don't care how they do things at Springwell, this is MY music ministry and MY vision." At that time, I wondered who he was because I was looking for a new home church and did not want to make the mistake of attending a church where a leader had that kind of attitude. Isn't it supposed to be God's music not Chris'? Now that I know it is Seacoast, I will not be going there. A shame really, because I moved back up here from Mt. Pleasant in January and I have attended Seacoast in Charleston and enjoyed it.

njc said...

http://chris-sligh.net stop by and say hi!

ChrisSligh said...


I'm glad you stopped by to leave a negative comment. It's too bad that your eavesdropping couldn't have allowed you to hear what the conversation was actually talking about.

The conversation I was having was talking about a church I had been in a few years ago where I dealt with parishinors (sp?) who I can only assume are similar to you. It was seemingly their sole purpose in life to question the authority of the music pastor who had been placed in authority over them (ostensibly because I was younger than them). When I spoke of MY ministry and MY music, it was referencing the ministry that GOD had placed me in charge of and what I felt HE had called me to do. But eavesdropping into someone's conversation for a few seconds probably wouldn't allow you to ACTUALLY hear what was being said.

Secondly, my references there had absolutely nothing to do with Seacoast. I am simply a servant at Seacoast...I lead what Chris Surratt chooses and attempt to simply do my best to get out of the way so that others may worship. Perhaps if you actually attended a Seacoast Greenville service you would see that the focus of Seacoast is to bring worshippers into worship, not feed one persons (or a bunch of parishoners) egos.

However, with I Corinthians 13 cast aside completely, I guess we're free to say what we like, so please continue to eavesdrop in restaurants and form lasting opinions on brothers in Christ. It's a great way to work.

Peace & love,
Chris Sligh

Don Chapman said...

I happened to be there that night with Chris, and we were discussing how many pastors have a vision for a church but they inevitably cave in when the cranky church culture crowd complains. The music is too loud! The music is too wild! The carpet is the wrong color! They cave because many pastors have no backbone.

Wouldn't it be nice to go to a church where the pastor says "this is MY vision" [given by the Lord, of course] and sticks to his guns. One such upstate pastor is famous for this attitude. Perry Noble's church, NewSpring in nearby Anderson, expects 8,000 people this Sunday. Someone who complains that the music is too loud doesn't get too far in that church. That's why they don't have many cranky church culture people attend.

steve-o-meter said...

We made a fan site for Chris too :-)

http://www.chris-sligh.info :-)

Tom I. said...

Hey Chris.
We were watching you the other night and thought you look familiar. We hope you go far man.

The guys from Engine 4 at Wade Hampton Fire Dept.
Greenville, sc

SurvivorCindy said...

Glad to see you going far Chris. My husband and I are voting for you. Keep being yourself.

chefvanwarren@aol.com said...

Hey chris, I know you probably have no clue who I am but went went to Pcc our freshamn year together and ended up transferring to bju as well the next year. We met a couple times back then, ,but I am sure I remember you only. I rembered you knew a guy I dated back then Scott Pitts I think you came from the same highschool maybe you remebere him?Anyways I am blogging you hopefully you read this I just wated to say I watch American Idol it is my favoriet show and this season I have watched you and realized that I recognized you from some where. I googled you and realized I was right I had met you from college. I even rembered you would sing in college, but did not know what a great voice you have till AI. Congrates on making it this far and I hope you make it all the way. You have my vote. Your bands music is great. take care Vanessa ferdinad Warren