Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Worship Article

I recently wrote an article for worshipideas.com on how to build a worship band from scratch. You can check it out here (it's a free registration).


Brett said...

Good article. Good practical advice. I am sooo blessed to have great musicians already here in my church. It's not like that everywhere, believe me! To me, one other thing that is neccessary for recruiting musicians is to set forth a vision for the team. Have a goal of being the best you can be. And, also discipling you musicians. Always make time for them one on one, and always have some sort of spiritual guidance for them. Its our job to make great music, and it's our job to make disciples! Good article.

Rick said...

ok - i give. who's the old school band???? i've got a head full of useless knowledge, and i can't pull them up.

and p.s. - tagging you if you're up for it - here: 7 things - peace!!