Monday, January 16, 2006

Sitting In The Airport

I am right now sitting in the Greenville/Spartanburg airport waiting for my flight to Dallas. This is my first time to fly out of GSP, and so far I am impressed. For one thing, they have wifi through the entire airport. A very cool thing that Atlanta needs to add. They also have clearly marked outlets at every gate for plugging in your "gear". Nice. Here are a few thoughts heading into this week:

1. I am going to Dallas this week to work with Leadership Network on their meeting facilitation teams. It's sort of a think-tank for churches and leaders from around the nation. This one is on church planting. I am excited about being a small part of a great organization.

2. We had our biggest Sunday ever yesterday! The worship was awesome, the message was off-the-hook, and we played a Journey song! What more could you want from a service?

3. I am stoked about getting our small groups started again this week. I am looking for over 85% participation this semester. I think they are that important for the spiritual health of our people. If you are not in a small group yet, what are you waiting for?!?

4. We are in the planning stages for our Sunday morning youth ministry called Nitro. It's going to be awesome! More about that later - they are calling my flight!

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Tadd Grandstaff said...

Hey name is Tadd Grandstaff...I have kept an eye on your and your blog for awhile...I like to keep up on what you guys have going on....the reason why I was contacting you is beacause I believe you guys are part of the ARC association...I met with Matt Fry from Cleveland Community Church over the holidays to discuss some things that me and my wife are praying about in church planting....we are heading to the CPR Roundtable in Burmingham the first weekend in Feb...anyways I would love to talk with you some time on your thoughts about ARC and about church planting...any advice or thoughts would be great...678.371.4791..thanks man!