Sunday, September 18, 2005

2 Services

Today was our first Sunday with 2 services - and it felt great! When we moved to Greenville to start Seacoast Church Greenville, we were doing 4 services at the Long Point Campus. When I came on staff almost 10 years ago, we were running 2 services in our small auditorium. It was really strange to transition to one service when we started here. It just didn't feel right to go home after doing one! I always felt like we were just warming up at that point. As hard as we work on the weekend service - we should get to do it more than once!

We also had the biggest attendance, outside of our first Sunday, today. Our Dream Team really stepped it up and did a great job! Everyone was there early for the first service and some of them didn't go home until the doors were locked this afternoon. You guys inspire me every week! I am so proud to be serving alongside of you every Sunday.

Let's do it again next week!

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Gary Lamb said...

Congrats dude. That is huge. I have loved watching the adventure with you guys.